Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Singapore, Exactly what you need Look for in a SEO Consultant


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1. There aren't any secrets to SEO (Search engine marketing) techniques and SEO guidlines already are specified at the various Google search websites. If a SEO consultant efforts to hide anything about their SEO implementations, you can consider chosing one that does not.

2. For me, a SEO consultant should also have some understanding about Branding, Marketing Strategies, Web Design, Operation Culture, Vison & Mission & Values related to his/her clients. So that in the operation, this SEO consultant can offers credible proposals in support along with your Company's long term goal and business operations.

3. SEO Implementation isn't just about getting some SEO Experts or Consultants to re-architect your web structure. It also require active participation through the clients to actively support the SEO realization of their business operation, both online and offline. If someone tells you that only his/her SEO services are needed, he/she is only half-right.

4. There is no guarantee to no. ONE position inside the search ranking result, as described at Google's website. Off course, there still be a good venture to be at the first ranking page - if SEO techniques are implemented professionally. Beware if the SEO consultant that lets you know that he can guarantee top position, mainly the FIRST position.

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5. Each SEO consultant or Expert and SEO firms gives different SEO implementation period to really see your SERPs (Search Engine Result Pages). Some 3 months, some Half a year, some will skip this. The longer it is, the better.

6. The FEE for SEO will not be cheap, as it requires a lot of creativities and SEO know-how experiences. The SEO service fee in Singapore ranges from a couple of hundreds to anything from the 5-digits value. Choose wisely, my suggestion would be to engage a professional service of the one that that offers you value.